Best Spray Tan

Is the SoBronze Airbrush Spray Tan the Best Spray Tan?

My wife and I have always loved beach holidays and in the time honoured tradition we would book six a six weeks sunbed course at the tanning salon to ensure we were suitably bronzed before hitting the beach.

This was obviously a very laborious and expensive way of getting tanned but it achieved the effect my wife wanted so we persisted.

Then the news that sunbeds were not healthy hit the press so we gave up the sun beds and tried the spray tanning salons. This was really cool – but really expensive because at £25.00 or more the tanning salon tan only lasted about seven days, so to maintain a good tan would cost a fortune.

So my wife bought a cheap spray tan and she did not like it for many reasons, so then she bought a more expensive spray tan and although she liked the effect there were issues with even application.

Now because my trade is online marketing and website design my wife challenged me to find the Best Spray Tan available on the web. I relished the challenge because (she told me to!) as a sun worshipper myself I wanted to look as good in my shorts as my wife does in her bikini.

Best Spray Tan Challenge

My wife set the following parameters to decide which was going to be the best spray tan.

  1. It has to be affordable
  2. The spray tan has to be able last for 3 full applications minimum
  3. The product has to be a self-spray tanning can
  4. The spray tan can has to be able to work upside-down!
  5. The nozzle must spray evenly at any angle
  6. The spray tan has to be a no-rub application
  7. It has to dry on the skin really quickly
  8. The spray must not leave an odour on the skin
  9. The product must not stain clothing or bedding
  10. The product has to be paraben-free

So I set about researching all of the Home Self-Spray Tans I could find on the internet and it took quite a few days to complete my task as an when I had a few spare moments.

Eventually I whittled the list down to three products.

  1. Fake Bake
  2. St Tropez and
  3. SoBronze

So I ordered one of each product  online, the downside being that SoBronze was not available in the UK.

The so bronze took a couple of weeks to arrive, but the Fake Bake and the St Tropez arrived withing a couple of days.

Next my wife decided that she was going to use me as her guinea pig so she sprayed the front of my body with St Tropez and by back with the Fake Bake. Reassuringly both products were great except for a couple of bits which my wife had missed when she sprayed me. No worries though a little remedial spraying put that right.

So it was thumbs up for Fake Bake and St Tropez and she forgot all about SoBronze and when it arrived she shoved it in the cupboard.

For the next few months she happily used up Fake Bake and St Tropez and when she ran out of both she decided to try the SoBronze Spray Tan.

SoBronze Best Spray Tan

Quite by surprise she found that the 360 degree spray nozzle worked better with a finer mist then the others and she slightly preferred the finished colour, she said that it dried quicker on her skin and was able to get dressed quicker so now there was a new player in town. SoBronze!

So on the whole my wife preferred the SoBronze because it ticked all ten of the must- have boxes we started our research with and the 360 degree spray was the best application method from the test.

So in our humble opinion SoBronze is the world’s best spray tan.

Best Spray Tan Available in the UK

To cut the boring part of this story short, as SoBronze was not at that time available in the UK at that time and as I am an online marketing and website design geek, I decided to become a SoBronze UK Distributor and the rest is history as I became the UK Best Spray Tan distributor and developed the SoBronze website so now its really quick and easy to by the world’s best spray tan here in the UK.

How to Get a Great Fake Tan

If you expose skin to the sun for more than 15 minutes you are going to start to get sunburnt, particularly if you are fair skinned.

You must always use a high factor sunscreen or cover exposed skin.

How to Get a Great Fake Tan

Fake Tan Preparation

To start you should shower and thoroughly exfoliate using an efficient body scrub and a milder facial scrub. This will remove the top layer of dead and dying skin hence giving you an extra day or so of gorgeous tan.

The suns rays are very dangerous to unprotected exposed skin so we will never recommend “sun tanning” in the traditional sense as a method to achieve your ideal tan.

How to Self Tan for a Glorious Bronzed Body

After showering and exfoliating, wait until the body is thoroughly dry (a minimum of two hours) following the exfoliating regime above. For the most luxurious result you may want to use an “age defying” conditioner all over the body, your skin will love you.

Then apply either the So Bronze Light to medium or medium to dark body tanning lotion into all areas of the skin up to the bottom of the neck.

Apply the So Bronze fake tan lotion into the hands and work into the skin as if it were a moisturiser (it is!). Just ensure that you spread the fake tan lotion evenly and you will not experience any streaks.

Now wash hands thoroughly. Dry hands and prepare to tan your face.

Using the So Bronze face tanning lotion apply a small amount to product to the hands and work into your neck throat and face as if it were your moisturiser.

Go put the kettle on have a cup of tea and by this time your fake tan should have completely absorbed into the skin and your skin should be silky smooth.

You will now be able to get dressed or go to bed without staining your clothes or bedding. The fake tan will take between two and four hours to activate completely. Now you have the perfect tan.

So Bronze make a light to medium and a medium to dark tanning lotion so if you are unsure which you would like we recommend starting with the light to medium fake tan shade and then move on to the medium dark fake tan shade.

How to Stay Healthy with a Perfect Fake Tan

By now you have the perfect Fake Tan and you are ready to strut your stuff on the beach. About 30 minutes before you leave home or your apartment apply a 30+ factor sun tan lotion all over your body including your face, neck, throat, nose, lips and ears. Not forgetting your feet, toes and soles.

Imagine how good your day is going to be when you don’t have to worry about getting nasty peeling sunburn. You walk calmly onto the beach fully protected and have a great day at the envy of all of your friends and onlookers.

Why Get a Cosmetic Tan?

Avoid Sunburn Get a Cosmetic Tan

Avoid Sunburn

Why Get a Cosmetic Tan?
Hours of baking under the heat of the sun, turning regularly to get an even tan, shifting direction to catch the best rays.

Or laboriously visiting the tanning salon and laying, (or standing) with eyes covered and wearing foul smelling tan accelerator and having wasted a good hour of your time after which you have to go straight home for a shower.

A real suntan is the skins natural defence to burning in UV light.

That’s why a base tan from UV light will prevent you from burning on your summer holiday and a cosmetic spray tan will not. cosmetic tan is purely for personal cosmetic use, and does not protect the skin from burning in the sun.

But the beauty of the cosmetic tan from SoBronze is you get to have the perfect golden tan purely for feel-good and cosmetic reasons and when you go on holiday or spend extended time in the sun you can pile the high factor sun screen on top of you bronzed body and look great and be safe.

Why Cosmetic Tanning?

Cosmetic tanning arose in response to links between sun exposure and skin cancer discovered in the 1960s, along with other alternatives to natural sun tanning such as the use of a tanning booth.

Lets face it the science is well documented, sun burn or over exposure on sun beds today can store up problems with skin cancer later in life. Please don’t risk your health, use fake tan lotions or fake tan sprays and when needed use a high factor sun screen.

So who wants a Cosmetic Tan Now?

Ok, daft question. Cosmetic tanning with a high quality Cosmetic sun tan lotion or a Cosmetic spray tan including the amazing SoBronze face tanning lotion allows all consumers today to achieve great cosmetic tans that look even more natural than a sunbed tan and with non of the peeling and blisters of the real thing!

Cosmetic tanning lotion or the airbrush cosmetic tanner from the new So Bronze cosmetic tanning collection really do take cosmetic tan lotion or cosmetic tan spray to a new level of satisfaction and product excellence.

Cosmetic tanning with fake sun tan and fake spray tan, together with cosmetic face tanning lotion, a winning combination.

SoBronze Sun-Free Tanning

SoBronze for the Perfect Natural Looking Self Tan
So Bronze delivers the perfect, natural-looking shades of tan through the most advanced formulas on the self tanning market!

Get your day on the beach with a perfect tan – before you hit the beach!

Designed for all skin tones and types, SoBronze contains an exclusively, naturally derived tri-nutrient enriched bronzing blend of key antioxidant vitamins A, C and E conditioners for healthier-looking skin with a radiant, golden glow. All SoBronze formulas are made from the highest quality ingredients, are paraben-free and have a light, fresh fragrance.

Self tan at home with SoBronze self tanning lotions or the SoBronze airbrush spray tan. The unique benefits offered will enhance the sunless tanning experience for the whole family. SoBronze self tanners are very easy to use and absorb very quickly.

SoBronze is a professional sunless, self-tanning and bronzing system that includes four new revolutionary products. These products were formulated with an exclusive Tri-Nutrient Enriched Bronzing Blend, the highest quality cosmetic bronzers and advanced delivery technologies to produce custom tan shades for every skin colour/type

SoBronze Sunless Self Tanning
So Bronze provides safe cosmetic tanning for consumers. For a natural looking sun bronzed body, SoBronze is the perfect solution.