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Is the SoBronze Airbrush Spray Tan the Best Spray Tan?

My wife and I have always loved beach holidays and in the time honoured tradition we would book six a six weeks sunbed course at the tanning salon to ensure we were suitably bronzed before hitting the beach.

This was obviously a very laborious and expensive way of getting tanned but it achieved the effect my wife wanted so we persisted.

Then the news that sunbeds were not healthy hit the press so we gave up the sun beds and tried the spray tanning salons. This was really cool – but really expensive because at £25.00 or more the tanning salon tan only lasted about seven days, so to maintain a good tan would cost a fortune.

So my wife bought a cheap spray tan and she did not like it for many reasons, so then she bought a more expensive spray tan and although she liked the effect there were issues with even application.

Now because my trade is online marketing and website design my wife challenged me to find the Best Spray Tan available on the web. I relished the challenge because (she told me to!) as a sun worshipper myself I wanted to look as good in my shorts as my wife does in her bikini.

Best Spray Tan Challenge

My wife set the following parameters to decide which was going to be the best spray tan.

  1. It has to be affordable
  2. The spray tan has to be able last for 3 full applications minimum
  3. The product has to be a self-spray tanning can
  4. The spray tan can has to be able to work upside-down!
  5. The nozzle must spray evenly at any angle
  6. The spray tan has to be a no-rub application
  7. It has to dry on the skin really quickly
  8. The spray must not leave an odour on the skin
  9. The product must not stain clothing or bedding
  10. The product has to be paraben-free

So I set about researching all of the Home Self-Spray Tans I could find on the internet and it took quite a few days to complete my task as an when I had a few spare moments.

Eventually I whittled the list down to three products.

  1. Fake Bake
  2. St Tropez and
  3. SoBronze

So I ordered one of each product  online, the downside being that SoBronze was not available in the UK.

The so bronze took a couple of weeks to arrive, but the Fake Bake and the St Tropez arrived withing a couple of days.

Next my wife decided that she was going to use me as her guinea pig so she sprayed the front of my body with St Tropez and by back with the Fake Bake. Reassuringly both products were great except for a couple of bits which my wife had missed when she sprayed me. No worries though a little remedial spraying put that right.

So it was thumbs up for Fake Bake and St Tropez and she forgot all about SoBronze and when it arrived she shoved it in the cupboard.

For the next few months she happily used up Fake Bake and St Tropez and when she ran out of both she decided to try the SoBronze Spray Tan.

SoBronze Best Spray Tan

Quite by surprise she found that the 360 degree spray nozzle worked better with a finer mist then the others and she slightly preferred the finished colour, she said that it dried quicker on her skin and was able to get dressed quicker so now there was a new player in town. SoBronze!

So on the whole my wife preferred the SoBronze because it ticked all ten of the must- have boxes we started our research with and the 360 degree spray was the best application method from the test.

So in our humble opinion SoBronze is the world’s best spray tan.

Best Spray Tan Available in the UK

To cut the boring part of this story short, as SoBronze was not at that time available in the UK at that time and as I am an online marketing and website design geek, I decided to become a SoBronze UK Distributor and the rest is history as I became the UK Best Spray Tan distributor and developed the SoBronze website so now its really quick and easy to by the world’s best spray tan here in the UK.

About Mick Say

Mick Say is a website designer and online marketing coach who was tasked by his wife to find the best sun-free tanning products prior to a beach holiday some years ago. We found SoBronze and have been hooked ever since!

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