Why Get a Cosmetic Tan?

Avoid Sunburn Get a Cosmetic Tan

Avoid Sunburn

Why Get a Cosmetic Tan?
Hours of baking under the heat of the sun, turning regularly to get an even tan, shifting direction to catch the best rays.

Or laboriously visiting the tanning salon and laying, (or standing) with eyes covered and wearing foul smelling tan accelerator and having wasted a good hour of your time after which you have to go straight home for a shower.

A real suntan is the skins natural defence to burning in UV light.

That’s why a base tan from UV light will prevent you from burning on your summer holiday and a cosmetic spray tan will not. cosmetic tan is purely for personal cosmetic use, and does not protect the skin from burning in the sun.

But the beauty of the cosmetic tan from SoBronze is you get to have the perfect golden tan purely for feel-good and cosmetic reasons and when you go on holiday or spend extended time in the sun you can pile the high factor sun screen on top of you bronzed body and look great and be safe.

Why Cosmetic Tanning?

Cosmetic tanning arose in response to links between sun exposure and skin cancer discovered in the 1960s, along with other alternatives to natural sun tanning such as the use of a tanning booth.

Lets face it the science is well documented, sun burn or over exposure on sun beds today can store up problems with skin cancer later in life. Please don’t risk your health, use fake tan lotions or fake tan sprays and when needed use a high factor sun screen.

So who wants a Cosmetic Tan Now?

Ok, daft question. Cosmetic tanning with a high quality Cosmetic sun tan lotion or a Cosmetic spray tan including the amazing SoBronze face tanning lotion allows all consumers today to achieve great cosmetic tans that look even more natural than a sunbed tan and with non of the peeling and blisters of the real thing!

Cosmetic tanning lotion or the airbrush cosmetic tanner from the new So Bronze cosmetic tanning collection really do take cosmetic tan lotion or cosmetic tan spray to a new level of satisfaction and product excellence.

Cosmetic tanning with fake sun tan and fake spray tan, together with cosmetic face tanning lotion, a winning combination.

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Mick Say is a website designer and online marketing coach who was tasked by his wife to find the best sun-free tanning products prior to a beach holiday some years ago. We found SoBronze and have been hooked ever since!

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