Body Lotion

SoBronze Body Tanning Lotion

SoBronze Body Lotion

Sobronze Sunless Self Tanning Body Lotion
This moisture-rich formula creates an even bronze colour and leaves skin silky soft. Offered in two colour shades, SoBronze body lotions can be used together to further you bronzing potential.

* Instant beautiful bronze tint.
* Self-tanning bronzers develop gradually within two to four hours.
* Lasts up to seven days.
* Spreads evenly and absorbs with five minutes.
* Will not stain clothing
* Smooth, flawless, even coverage
* Revolutionary Tri-Nutrient Enriched Bronzing Blend.
* Delivers key antioxidants Vitamins A, C and E to the skin.
* Light, fresh fragrance.
* Paraben-free.

When only the best will do, it has to be SoBronze. Easy to use, quick to absorb into the skin, develops quickly and will not stain clothing.

A rich creamy lotion which is as easy to apply as a skin conditioner.

For Lighter skin tones, use SoBronze light to medium lotion to develop a beautiful bronze base. Then optionally, once your initial colour is achieved, continue with SoBronze medium to dark lotion to reach the maximum in self-tanning results.

For Darker skin tones us the SoBronze medium to dark lotion to achieve your custom bronze shade.

Select from
* Light to Medium tanning lotion or
* Medium to Dark tanning lotion