SoBronze Sunfree Self Tanning System

SoBronze Sunfree Self Tanning System

SoBronze Sunfree Self-Tanning
Sobronze Offers a Complete Self-Tanning and Bronzing System that creates the perfect looking custom shade of tan. Designed for all skin tones and types, SoBronze combines the ultimate in sunless self tanning technology with pure skin care ingredients.

SoBronze absorbs into the skin within in five minutes and fully develops within two to four hours, then lasts for up to seven days. SoBronze will not stain clothing or bedding.

The SoBronze family has been developed by the worlds leading sun and skin care brand Supre.

SoBronze Cosmetic Tanning

Supre have been working for years to develop the odour free sunless self-tanning formula that gives impressive results fast.

At last you can achieve that beautiful bronzed body without the need of a sun bed, or hours of lazing on the sun lounger, impressive results all year round.

Each product has a light fresh fragrance and is easy to apply and is very quickly absorbed into the skin, loaded with vitamins A, C and E, SoBronze conditions the skin as it transforms into a golden tan glow.

SoBronze sun-free tanning products are safe and easy to use for all of the family, make sure you lock yours away before the kids get hold of them….

Safe Cosmetic Tan

When a person has a healthy bronzed, sun-kissed glow they feel better and look healthier, SoBronze is purely a cosmetic false tanning product that will naturally fade away just like a real suntan.

When looking good is your objective SoBronze is your best friend. SoBronze will NOT turn you orange, it will give your skin a very sensual and very alluring sun kissed beach bronzed golden glow. There are four products to choose from.

* 360° Airbrush Spray Tan
* Vitamin Rich Face Tan Lotion
* Body Tanning Lotion Light to Medium
* Body Tanning Lotion Medium to Dark

Whatever your needs or reasons for wanting a cosmetic tan, SoBronze is right for you.